UnityMenu for GTA V PC


You might think you have stumbled upon "Just another GTA cheat"...
Although it does contain all those obvious features that can be found in all cheat menus, it has so much more.

First things first: This menu is not intended for griefing.
So if you are looking for revenge for someone that called you a noob in game, this might not be the cheat for you.

Unity menu offers:
Fully customizable hotkeys
Advanced outfit system with attachments
Advanced translation system which allows the user to easily make and update translations
Advanced weapon editing system
Custom planes
Mouse input support
Fully customizable teleports
and much more.

This is one of the very few menus that can provide any of the above mentioned features. But the best thing about it is that Unity is astonishingly performance efficient, which makes it easy to use on low-end computers.

As it wasn't enough already.. Unity menu comes with it's own (optional) safe, easy-to-use, injector application. All you gotta do is run it and it will automatically inject the menu file into the game.

"Univator" is the name of the advanced outfit system with attachments. It is easy to use, edit and simply manipulate any outfit you desire. The best part of this is that you can save, load and even share your outfits with other users of the menu. (Check the Outfit section on the forum)

Premium or Exclusive:
Not only does the exclusive version have a bunch of protection options that will prevent other modders from attacking you, it also comes with kickass custom planes :O

Custom plane preview:
Short video: https://gyazo.com/855aa1a0fef8104df15bba4f08d5248b

You may purchase the menu...
Premium: €15
Premium+Exclusive: €25
Exclusive upgrade: €10

(Exclusive is available for purchase afterwards if you did not purchase the bundle)

Unity can be purchased using the following payment methods:

PayPal (here)

If you want to purchase the menu using any of the following methods you will need to start a conversation with us.
Bitcoin (here)
Steam Giftcard (here)
Paysafe card (here)

When messaging us please do NOT lock the conversations.