Dear friends and Unity users,

Please take your time to read this, hopefully it will help you understand why this decision has been made

Let me start by telling a bit about myself and Unity.

Early 2016 I joined this modding community because of some popular mod menus at the time, I thoroughly enjoyed making object creations in GTA: Online.

At the end of the year I started working for multiple menus as part of their staff team.

Around December 2016 I decided that I wanted to start studying game development, this seemed like a perfect direction since programming and gaming have always been great parts of my life. In order to get a good understanding of C++ before I started attending college I figured I should start a small learning project.

At this time I already happened to be good friends with the developers of XenMenu™. They were kind enough to send me their 'Xen base' so I could make a small menu for GTA.

I worked on this project for a couple of months and I learned much about how GTA and it's cheats worked.

Around this time I met Redhunter, one of the owners of the Galaxy mod menu.

Thanks to some unfortunate events he was left without a dev at one point. This is where he contacted me.

Together we decided to start working on a new menu called Unity. This name was chosen because of all the hostility between existing mod menus and their users at the time. We wanted a menu that was as friendly to other GTA players and mod menus as possible.

On the 15th of may 2017 we released this menu to the public. Me being the developer and Redhunter the co-owner and overall manager. The menu soon turned out to be very popular and we gained a huge Discord user base with the most amazing staff team I'd ever seen.

Eventually Redhunter and I decided that it was time to part ways. From this point on Unity was my responsibility.

Unity has always had my endless motivation and I continued to update and improve it. At this point in time Unity exists of a completely unique base and a very large amount of features to protect it's users.

During 2017 and 2018 Unity has experienced quite a few detections, eventually it became clear that we were being targeted by GTA and it's developers. Even though we always managed to get out on top of this it was obvious that Rockstar didn't enjoy us messing with their game. In hindsight a fair point, it's their game after all.

This, combined with the fact that Rockstar has been handing out Cease and Desist emails and is even taking developers to court has forced me to reconsider this project.

After a couple of months and a lot of conversations with people both in and outside of our community I've come to the conclusion that it's best to move on.

Unity has been the source of my motivation for the past year and it's helped me though a lot. It's with great pain that I have made this decision.

Unfortunately these events have not only forced Unity to stop, other menus like XenMenu have made the same decision. It has become apparent now that nearly (if not) all major menus that were up and running within the past year are either gone already or are going to shut down soon. This makes me wonder what the future of GTA modding will look like.

This community is by far the greatest thing I've achieved in my life. Without you guys this wouldn't have been possible and I am forever grateful for that. Because it would be a shame to let this community go to waste I have made a Discord server. In here the community will be able to live on.

Feel free to join the Discord server

Thanks for everything,
- Jodelahithit